Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nirvana- Nevermind- 2011 Reissue

20 years ago, Seattle band Nirvana released a little album that has gone on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide and “changed the world of music forever”. It is, of course Nevermind. The first single of which seems to be on every playlist ever made, everywhere. Even if you don’t like rock music, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is without a doubt, at least one of the most recognisable songs in history.  Nirvana’s sound is one that has been constantly imitated, yet never surpassed, which was epitomised on Nevermind. Although there are some slightly… abrasive moments, such as the ending of ‘Something In The Way’ which takes the ideas of aggression shown in the band’s music to a clashing, distorted climax.  Even though it’s the loud anthems that Nirvana and Nevermind in particular are known for, the album is very rounded, with Ballads like ‘Polly’ and ‘Come As You Are’ being two notable examples.

For a remaster they haven’t really made the album hugely louder (as is usually the case when bands start re-mixing the original tapes) the sound quality of this new version brings the band’s sound right up to date. There are so many different packages for this new issue: With bonus discs of unreleased jam sessions, alternate takes of some of the tracks that finally made the cut, discs of singles, DVD packages, there are so many versions to choose from. There’s almost a sort of “option paralysis” when it comes to looking through the fresh release packages. However, this really is a must-own album. And even if you already have it, there are so many new things added on to the end, and the superior sound quality makes it a worthwhile purchase (especially if, like me your other copy is on cassette!!!)