Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ant Law- Entanglement

Mixing a virtuosic technique which takes as much from rock shredders as it does from past masters of jazz guitar, Entanglement gives an interesting and exciting selection of tracks which show off a stunning array of styles and techniques. The album feels like more of a whole band effort at times more than a solo release, with guitars being used heavily for rhythm playing as well as lead lines.

Ant Law doesn’t hog the spotlight at all on various tracks other members of his group step up to the plate and take the lead- the sax is prominent on opener ‘Kanda Jhati’, while the piano offers a rippling wash of notes over the top of ‘Entanglement I- Janus and Epimetheus’.  Both these tracks offer different flavours. ‘Kanda Jhati’ in an unusual, groovy piece, feature swinging guitar and sax solos, whilst ‘Entanglement I’ is much more relaxed and has an ancient quality to it- utilising lots of guitar chords, wind drones and a more laid-back beat. The group nature of the album continues, with ‘Silver’ featuring a bass solo accompanied by minimalistic guitar chords.  

The way in which the album allows the whole band to stretch their musical legs through melodies and solos without keeping too much focus on Ant Law’s guitar gives it a much more rounded scope than is often the case with solo releases. When Ant Law is the focus, however, the playing is fantastic, a great young jazz guitar talent.