Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kitten and the Hip- Hello Kitten

Cheesy bubblegum pop, electronic dance music and 20s jazz are just some of the genres which collide in this début release by Ashley Slater and Scarlett Quinn, A.K.A. Kitten and the Hip.

What the music lacks in depth or sophistication, it more than makes up for with the sheer energy and fun. Track by track, the mixture of electronic music and jazz horn sections and souped-up double bass lines keep the music moving along at a good pace. The different styles of older music added into the modern sounds ensure each song has a different feel-gypsy jazz, Balkan swing, 50s pop, soul and funk all make an appearance.

Shake it Out may take the electronic dance and dubstep edge a bit further than I enjoy, but there are plenty of other songs here which more than make up for that, the annoyingly catchy Shut Up and Dance and Don’t Touch The Kitten will be stuck in your head after only one listen.

Hello Kitten is a strong album, especially if you enjoy your music a bit mixed up, catchy, and definitely not too serious. Get your head bopping and hips moving to this one.